The Story

The Backdrop: Space Colonization and the Galactic War

150 years ago, Earth verged on the brink of destruction. Expanding into space was mankind’s only chance for survival. With the discovery of the Sixth Vowel, the Movement of Light was born; they made space exploration possible and humanity began a new life amongst the stars. Colonies and factions started vying for power and influence. Without warning, the Movement turned on everyone and sought the destruction of civilization. The factions banded together and, the Galactic War began. Entire generations were born during those last 60 hard-fought years, but eventually the factions prevailed: humanity was saved and the Movement disappeared into unknown space…

Present Day (2199): Save us from extinction

Today, a fragile peace holds the Galaxy together, but tensions are high and the old divisions are resurfacing. Without a symbol, the factions will once again fight against each other and lead humanity to inevitable extinction. You have been ordered to bring the starship Inspiration, symbol of the Galactic War, to the city of Truce so that it can hold the first Galactic Congress, an event that aims to unite all factions. We are counting on you to keep the flame of hope, alive…

The Federation of North American States (FNAS)

The Federation of North American States (FNAS) is a fiercely independent and democratic faction that values individualism and equality of opportunity above all else. No other faction is so invested in the personal freedoms of its citizens. Unfortunately, the Syndicate, a conglomerate of criminals is trying to undermine these values, bending the law at the expense of the majority of the citizens. The faction´s capital of Paraiso City, based in the vast deserts of Mars, was the first colony humanity ever established. It is a crude reminder of the constant conflict between excessive independence and the rule of law.

The Coalition of South American Countries (CSAC)

The Coalition of South American Countries (CSAC) was originally formed to give South American nations a more united voice in world affairs. Now one of the most patriotic factions in the galaxy, the CSAC’s vibrance and incredible natural beauty make its many territories in Alpha Centauri prime vacation destinations. The CSAC´s leadership has a tendency towards populist and one-party governments that promised to bring prosperity to the faction, but has instead kept the faction under the firm authority of its demagogic leaders.

The European Bureaucratic Directorate (EBD)

The European Bureaucratic Directorate (EBD), established by the most powerful nations and corporations in Europe, is the wealthiest faction in the Galaxy. The EBD places a premium on privacy, efficiency and technological innovation. Responsible for managing the vast majority of the Galaxy’s finances, the EBD tends to remain neutral in Galactic Politics in order to protect its business interests. Led by a Board of Directors, the faction is run like a company and citizens are considered shareholders, with the right to determine how the company is run.

The Kingdom of Heaven (KoH)

The Kingdom of Heaven (KOH) unifies over fifty different cultures and religions under its theocratic rule in the desert planet of Cronos. Its people are some of the most respected scholars, thinkers and engineers of the galaxy, making unparalleled progress in ship manufacturing and pondering the great questions about God’s plan for humans among the stars. The Kingdom itself was born as a fanatic response against the Sixth Vowel’s claim of turning people into Gods, and its law considers Sixth Vowel practice to be a blasphemous act.

The Most Serene Republic of the Mediterranean (MSRM)

The Most Serene Republic of the Mediterranean (MSRM) is best known for its creation of ocean planets. Trailblazers in terraforming technology, the leaders of the MSRM turned Venus into a vast turquoise ocean in homage to their Mediterranean roots on Earth. The MSRM’s capital, Thermopylae, is a bustling cultural center and commercial hub, connected to the rest of the planet by an extensive canal network. The Republic stresses work-life balance with technological advancement and has a strong appreciation for the cultures of Byzantium and Greece.

The Empire of the Sun (ES)

The Empire of the Sun (ES) combines the traditions of old Japan with some of the most advanced technology in the galaxy. They are a meditative, strong-willed people, devoted to their way of life. Usually secretive to the outside political landscape, they offer little to other factions and demand little in return. They cultivate their own Sixth Vowel teachings, of which the Divine Empress Sagisomachi is a powerful master. The Shogun Ashigawa leads the Imperial Army, salient for their power armor and stealth capacity, not to mention their utter discipline.

The Slavic Union (SU)

The Slavic Union (SU) is comprised of hundreds of space stations orbiting Jupiter. Most of them function as gulag-factories, where the Union’s hard-working citizens spend tireless hours for the profit of the faction´s well-being, extracting the gas giant’s formidable resources. Although revolt and insurrection are part of the Union’s history and origin, its leader, Vozhd Vsevolod, keeps his workers in line through sheer willpower and a culture of dedication and self-sacrifice.

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