The Story

150 years ago, Earth verged on the brink of destruction. Expansion into space was mankind’s only chance for survival. Thus, the Movement of Light was born. With the discovery of the Sixth Vowel, they made space exploration possible and humanity began a new life amongst the stars. Colonies were formed and factions fought for power and influence. Without warning, the Movement turned on everyone and sought the destruction of civilization. The factions banded together and, after 60 hard-fought years, they won the Galactic War: humanity was saved and the Movement disappeared into unknown space…

Today, a fragile peace holds the Galaxy together. But tensions are high and the old divisions are resurfacing. Without a symbol, the factions will once again fight against each other and lead humanity to inevitable extinction. You have been ordered to bring the starship Inspiration, symbol of the Galactic War, to the city of Truce so that it can hold the first Galactic Congress, an event that aims to unite all factions. We are counting on you to keep the flame of hope, alive...

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