The Game

Eight recruitable companions

Throughout the game, you will recruit new companions to join you in your fight to preserve peace in the Galaxy. Each companion has unique skills as well as an extensive backstory and unique narrative arc. When you help them achieve their personal goals, you will upgrade their skills and maximize their potential in battle.

Seven diverse, explorable factions

As you traverse the Galaxy, you will explore factions with distinct aesthetics, cultures and histories. Each faction also has its own unique units and tactics, making for varied combat experiences. When you aid factions, you’ll gain the support of their leaders and unlock perks and weapons. If you let factions down, you may find their leaders hostile in your own time of need.

Unique, squad-based tactics

You will engage in turn-based combat, combining character skills with free-form movement. When you assemble your squad, you will be able to choose from a selection of 32 melee and ranged weapons that allow for different play styles and strategies.

A branching story with choices that matter

You will explore a fully realized universe with a detailed and extensive history. The choices you make throughout the game will affect your ideology, as well as your reputation with factions and companions. Every decision you make will shape the destiny of the Galaxy.

Eight unique, upgradeable skill-sets

Each companion has a particular skill set that allows for a distinct style of play. You’ll be able to grow your companions through their one-of-a-kind branching upgrade trees. Optimize your squad for combat by choosing the ideal combination of tanks, assaults, supports, duelists, gunslingers, or flankers.

32 melee and ranged weapons

You'll be able to strategically outfit your squad from a vast selection of melee and ranged weapons. You’ll unlock perks and weapons by gaining reputation with the Galaxy’s factions. Maximize your squad’s potential by unlocking the best equipment.

Unique enemy units and squads

You’ll battle against a wide range of enemy units and squads, each of which will challenge you in different ways across 24 handcrafted levels. Factions’ combat perks combine with their specialist units to create unique confrontations throughout the game.

Fully destructible cover

You'll be able to take full or half cover, but don’t grow complacent: all cover is breakable! Aiming at enemies behind cover will reduce your chances of a direct hit, but neither you nor your enemies will be able to hide for long. Destructible cover ensures the battlefield is always changing, keeping you (and your enemies) on your toes.

About The Game

Element: Space is a turn-based tactical squad RPG set two hundred years in the future. You’ll step into the shoes of rogue captain Christopher Pietham and lead your crew in the fight against Tempest, an underground terrorist network wreaking havoc on the galaxy.

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